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    Photoshop CS6 Stuck on Hand Tool in ACR & PS with Mac/ Mountain Lion


      Photoshop CS6 gets stuck in "hand mode" after being open for a few hours. Suddenly, I can't use liquefy because Photoshop gets stuck in hand mode. I can't use ACR to the full potential because I can't use the adjustment brush because all I have is the hand tool. I try to open files, but all I get is the hand tool!


      I know it's not an issue of pressing the space bar, I have tried that. I have closed all the Adobe programs (Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop), then re-opened Photoshop and it does not go away.


      It only goes away after re-starting the computer, but that is not acceptable.


      I am on a 17" Macbook Pro, Mountain Lion 10.8.1, using CS6 products.


      Can this please be fixed?