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    Data merge CS6 bug - hyperlinking variables

    afsdfasg Level 2


      As I assign data merge items to the document, a 'Link to URL' hyperlink is created. For images, 'IMG_' precedes the name and for text, 'DBF_' precedes. eg IMG_Logo for my logo image frame.


      If I preview the data merge, then export to pdf, all the variable fields show as links.

      ie my logo links to: file:///C|/Users/(Windows username)/(path)/IMG_Logo

      Not the end of the world, but clumsy and maybe confusing for the client who clicks and gets a bad link with my name in it.

      Interactive or Print pdf export gives same result. If I export without hyperlinks, there is no issue, but I can't use hyperlinks elsewhere.


      If I 'create merged document', then export - there is no link issue. For this project, this workflow is ok, but for other projects with page numbers and cross-refs, I would have to make a new document for every entry (create merged document/record limit per doc: 1), then export each individually as before.


      In CS5, you could just step through the previews and export from there... Just wondering if I've enabled this 'feature' somehow?


      Win7/64, InD 8.0, Acro 10.1.4



      Edit: This bug still exists in InDesign 8.01