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    Optimal workflow for freezing frames from B-roll and inserting in timeline (PrE10)


      I would like to know if there is a smoother way of capturing stills from my B-roll in order to insert it on track 2 etc. than I am doing now. I would like to be able to freeze a frame directly on the preview window so that I can drag it to the place where I want it in the timeline. However, this seems not to be possible. So what I do now is


      1. Place in/out markers in the preview window around a few frames

      2. Insert this clip on the timeline on an empty space on track 1 well after the "main" movie

      3. Freeze on of the frames from this clip, so I get a new clip with the image

      4. Delete the original clip, so only a clip with the image is left

      5. Move the image to the place on track 2 where I want it, and then perform any kind of manipulations (length, Pan&Zoom etc.).


      I wonder if there is an easier way to do this? Can I somehow bypass first inserting a piece of the footage in the timeline?