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    Apple QMaster and QAdministrator

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      Does anyone here use the Apple QMaster and QAdministrator software to allow rendering accross multiple MAC's? Does this even work for After Effects? I have three MAC's here at the office, (slightly different specs accross the board) and I was wondering if there is a way to set them up to work as a sort if render farm? That way, I can create a few projects on one, and schedule some rendering to happen, and make the most use of the idle machines.


      Can someone point me in the right direction on how to go about creating a render farm, what is involved, and where to begin?


      My previous posts about the hardware I wanted to get, and the replies are making me a little concerned that I am going to waste a large amount of money on machines we dont need yet. (at this point, one of my biggest concerns is that we need a license for Twixtor, but can either get MAC, or Windows, they will not allow us to intechange if we decide to go the PC route. So I need to be very sure of my facts before I send the moneu on the Twixtor license)


      Thank you



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          Hi Pierre,


          Sorry I have not used the apple products, if you have 3 machines you may want to look at renderpal they offer a 3 node private individual/startup license for free.   


          with regards to twixtor:  revisionfx has 2 types of licenses for twixtor one that use render queue (Interactive AE & watch folders) and the other which is for aerender.exe (cmdline render utility that comes with After effects).  Anything that uses the render queue requires a full license, where as the cmdline version  was like 65$ USD for non-pro version & ~120$ USD for pro version.  With regards to the license only the full version license is OS specific.  check here for more details: http://www.revisionfx.com/products/twixtor/pricing/#ae_compatible_4


          Hope it helps.

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            Thanks again! - I have sent some mails to Re:Vision contact centre to weigh up our options. We are still working on the first part of the project, and being self-funded, our budget is a little tight. Honestly, when we go live, and we believe it will be successful.. I would like to get as many plug ins as my little heart desires. I would love all of Video CoPilots stuff, and Red Giant, and Boris, and+and+and!


            For now, I am being a little cautious though. So, we need twixtor to make up the extra slow motion our camera cant do, but other than that, as far as After Effects special effects go, we will probably try to use mostly stock footage for the first part. Our greatest "Issue" is going to be rendering time - I will look into your suggestions, as see what we can come up with. I am going to hand over my to IMAC's and get myself two powerhouse PC's instead. The MACS will go back to the the other guys, so we will still use them, just not for now. So all licenses will be PC licenses to start with - untill we make the big time, and hire the entire forum to come work with us!


            Take it easy,


            and thanks agan for the advice.