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    Migration from database to CQ JCR?




      I want to migrate site from sharepoint to CQ5, can any one have a knowledge how we can get all share point data from database and how to put into the CQ JCR.


      Can CQ5 provide any connector or is it possible to write a script to get all data from share point to JCR.


      Thanks in advance...




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          Ryan Lunka Level 3

          Adobe has a connector from CRX/CQ to SharePoint.  I would start there.  My general warning is to be careful though.  Simply dropping your SharePoint data into a JCR is likely not the best approach.  JCR and relational databases are fundamentally different and it would be wise to really think about how you want this data migration and transformation to happen.  You may even want to consider whether you want to migrate data at all.  With the connector, I think you can simply interface with SharePoint via the JCR's APIs (not totally sure though...never used the connector).

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            Mei Lingwood

            Has anyone used the Sharepoint connector before?  I am wondering how reliable and how fast it is.