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    Center view on page return (page break)


      Applogies in advance if this is posted in the wrong location.


      I've just moved from InDesign 4 to 5.5 and I've noticed something which is starting to annoy me.


      In CS4 (InDesign), when working on a document with multiple pages, when a paragraph, sentence etc has been finished and I press return (page break) to move the cursor to the next page (text boxes linked), the view would automatically move down to that page and have the cursor near the top of the view so I could easily carry on typing and see most of the page.


      Now, in CS 5.5 whenever I do this, the view moves down a little and the cursor is at the bottom of the screen allowing me to see just one line of text, making me have to manually move the view.


      I've searched online, tried looking on here but haven't been able to find anything.


      I've check what options and preferences I can find, but with no luck.


      Any help?