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    Lines form Cels and Tables

    Fer Parker

      I'm having some problens with lines in tables...


      I typed my whole text in a text program and imported it in InDesign CS5

      Now, i need to edit some tables from the text here, but i keep falling in errors...


      Here are the Cell and Table options i set for u to take a look....




      First I enter the cell options. In the cell stroke i remove the 2 inner lines, then i set 0 pt for weight and choose none for the cell tuype.


      Then i go to Table Options. I need weight 2, choose the type i want and the color black.


      After all that, i export to pdf to take a look and i see the lines between cell are still there, althou i set then as 0 and no type.

      I tried to change orders, setting the Table Options first and then the Cell Options, same problens


      Take a look at these tables....


      The first one has the lines between rows and columms, these lines i must remove, as u can see in the second one.



      Is there anything i'm forgeting?

      Please i beg for help. The book i'm doing is full of tables and they need to be in same format type...