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    Why does the Flash install attempt to sneek in an install of Google Chrome?

    Biff Henerson

      I thought Adobe was a reputable corporation.  I am aware that Apple an others do not trust Adobe flash software due to exposed security flaws. 


      One would think that Adobe would try to be a good corporate citizen to improve its image.  My Adobe experiance is the opposite.


      Why do they try and sneek an install of Google Chrome into the install of Adobe Flash?  This seems like someting a bad company would do.  Dishonest, and deceptive.


      Not only do they install the non-Adobe software but they reconfigure the users computer to stop using the existing software and switch to the non-Adobe software for browsing.


      Seems pretty deceptive and dishonest to me and it should be illegal.


      Shame on you Adobe.  You have sunk down to a hacker level of installing "spam" with your software.