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    Once again... Flash to HTML5


      Hello all...


      After strolling the forums and Googling my thumbs off, i'm asking for some help on the following;


      We have created an enormous amount of swf animations that we use in a online learning environment.

      But now we need to be able to view this on Android and Apple IOS devices.


      The animations have an custom as2 controller built in and often feature big embedded flv's.


      I've been experimenting with the CreateforJS panel but it doesn't work out right.

      Doesn't support the streaming audio, no support for masks, etc... etc...


      Is there any way Flash itself can output HTML5-compliant video/files instead of swf's.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards



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          kayumarz Level 1

          If your content is non-interactive, FLABACO (Flash-Banner-Converter.com) might be useful to you. It generates mp4, webm and ogg video files.  Once you have all these 3 formats the content will play on almost all HTML5 devices/browsers.


          Flabaco's limitations are:

          1) No sound support (as of now)

          2) Since its a free converter only a limited duration of the media gets converted.


          The generated video quality is good (It's capable of generating HD quality video if needed)


          A customised Flabaco server can scale to convert large amounts of content in a shorter time.




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            mlotens Level 1

            Hi Kayo,

            I've tried Flabaco, but the content is interactive, has sound and the overal size of the swf is around 10 mb.
            I'll be following Flabaco's development closely for sure...

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              kayumarz Level 1

              Hi Marc,

              Thanks for your reply and for trying Flabaco.  Just wondering if by any chance you could send me a sample swf file (in a private message) - would love to take a look at it... Just curious to see if there was a solution.