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    Audio won't play in Premiere, but plays in QT, FCP, and Adobe Bridge.

    Loki Productions

      Hi everyone,


      I'm normally pretty good at troubleshooting, but this audio issue has me scratching my head.  A cameraman had DVCPro tapes transferred to QT movies.  All the clips playback fine if opened with QT, FCP, and Adobe Bridge.  Import these clips into Premiere and there's no audio.  Nothing shows up on waveform- there's nothing there.


      I would switch to FCP, but I already started the project in Premiere (CS 5.5) with earlier footage- which were mxf files right off the P2 card.  That works fantastic.  The footage I'm having an issue with was footage that was just shot recently on DVCPro tapes- so switching to FCP isn't the most time efficient.  But I'll do it if I have to.


      What confuses me the most is that the clips play back fine in Adobe Bridge, so I don't think it's a codec issue.


      Thanks in advance for any help or advice getting to the bottom of this.