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    EDL Image sequence relink...is it possible?

    Sausagehead5 Level 1

      I load my EDL and start to relink the clips, I navigate to my DPX sequence, but I don't see the option for an image sequence, I select the first frame in the sequence and it only brings that one in for the entire duration of the clip.


      I end up having to manually bring each sequence in and place them in the time line by hand.

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          This is a real problem, especially when doing a round trip to something like Resolve, but is function of a bigger issue - DPX files should be treated as footage by default.


          I don't know anyone who uses a DPX file for still work. DPXs are for footage. To that end, they should default to being treated as an image sequence, you shouldn't have to check a box. Even better, they should appear in the Import Footage window and the Media Browser as collapsed stacks - single objects for a sequence of frames that constitute footage. That way I could have 15 image sequences in a single folder, and Premiere would collapse that down so that all I'd see when browsing for footage would be 15 pieces of footage. I could drag all of them in at once, or replace existing footage with them. Also, it would avoid the problem of the image in the sequence you select being treated as the first image, making it easy to accidentally cut the head off footage.


          It's great that Premiere supports DPXs, but this stuff is a basic neccesity when working with DPXs, and needs to be included.