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    Adobe Application Manager fails to install


      I was getting the generic 'failed to install' message but now I'm getting the 'error code: A12E1' one that I came across when searching through the forums.  The solutions I came across did not fix the problem for me and I'm finding several discussion where the problem is never solved or at least the solution isn't posted.


      Any other solutions floating around???

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          I see these two forum posts http://forums.adobe.com/message/4396482#4396482 and http://forums.adobe.com/message/4602195#4602195 that have solutions that solved the 'error code: A12E1' error for some customers. Combining the steps this should work:

          1. Download and run the Adobe Cleaner Tool to remove the Adobe Application Manager since there is no uninstaller for it.
          2. Rename the Rename the OOBE folder to OOBE OLD of if it is still present after running the Cleaner Tool.
          3. Reboot your computer
          4. Download and install Adobe Application Manager installer from the link depending on your OS. Windows: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4773. Mac: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4774.
          5. Launch the Adobe Application Manager and sign in with your Adobe ID.
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            fotodo Level 1

            When I run the Adobe Cleaner Tool, it doesn't show an instance of Adobe Application Manager to remove.   I can see my installations of CS5, but nothing shows up for Creative Cloud - when I choose 'all' the list of removable programs is comprised solely of my other CS products.

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              Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

              Things are not labelled in an obvious and intuitive way in the Adobe Cleaner Tool.


              You need to select 'Creative Cloud' from the drop-down in the top right, then highlight 'Creative Cloud Installer' (which is what the Adobe Application Manger aka AAM is called here), and then click the button 'Cleanup selected'.



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                I spent over an hour today with tech help trying to fix this problem. I had received info that Creative Cloud had new features. Then I got a message to open Application Manager to download new features. AM wanted to update itself. I crashed -- multiple times.


                I finally followed the above instructions.


                I used the Support Advisor with no errors showing.


                I downloaded and used the Adobe Cleaner. it opened in DOS, not in a graphics interface as shown above. I cleaned and got error messages that I ignored.


                Finally I renamed OOBE as directed above. I reinstalled AM (version 6.2_all). Magic. it worked -- on both my computers (desktop, laptop, same error, same time--go figure).


                Hint: do not move AM as a quick start icon to the desktop. Leave it in the usual START menu. Don't know why but that seems to be a problem (I got that from the Tech who was more baffled by the problem than I was).


                I bet many others are about to hit this wall, with a never ending circle of wrong Adobe instructions.

                Adobe MUST get their act together with thisa cloud thing. The current set-up is a total disaster.



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                  Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                  The experience with the Adobe Cleaner Tool on Windows is different. Here are the steps:

                  1. After downloading the zip file adobe_creative_suite_cleaner_too.zip from http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html uncompress it and you will have a folder called win.
                  2. Navigate inside the win folder and run the command-line program AdobeCreativeSuiteCleanerTool.exe.
                  3. At the Please choose a language prompt type e and Enter to choose e: English.
                  4. The terms of use will show. Type y and Enter to continue.
                  5. At the Choose any one from the options below prompt type 3 and Enter to choose 3. Creative Cloud.
                  6. At the List of products installed on this machine prompt type 1 and Enter to choose 1. Creative Cloud Installer.
                  7. At the Please confirm you want to remove the selected product from Installer Database prompt type y and Enter to continue.
                  8. You will see a message Please wait for Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool to finish........ followed by All the files for Creative Cloud installer have been removed and LOG FILE SAVED TO: <location> and Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool completed successfully.


                  Here are screen shots:













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                    HoodedFang Level 1

                    Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I got – not the graphic screens as shown the thread (under your name) dated Sept 20, 2012.




                    The real point is the tech guy I spoke with (for about an hour) was not aware of the ‘fix’.




                    This is the second time (third if you count the second compute) that I’ve had to remove or rename the OOBE file. Nobody seems to know why or why Adobe’s installer programs are not making the fix. The tech guy sent me a link to a patch file which was just another copy of AAM (that’s not good policy).




                    As a software reviewer for a Canadian magazine I cannot recommend the Suite to anyone who is not super aware of how to delve into hidden files etc.




                    This is simply not good enough and someone at Adobe needs to fix the problem




                    Peter Walpole



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                      KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      I ran the cleanup tool for windows, as described above, and reinstalled AAM. But I am still unable to install any app from the cloud. In the case of Acrobat XI, I had to get the trial and it then recognized my cloud membership. Using AAM, it seems to go through the download and extract process, but then always dispplays the error message "AAM is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled." Without AAM working I cannot get Edge, which does not have a trial download. Something is very wrong here.

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                        OliverBryant1 Level 1

                        Having this same error, i have even tried reinstalling the OS. I followed supports steps and still no luck since the latest update to the updater application.

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                          Sal Spring Level 1

                          I finally solved my issue by removing every Adobe app that I had, deleting every Adobe folder on my OS drive, running CCleaner and AdobeCreativeSuiteCleanerTool in sequence several times with a restart in between each time.


                          Now AAM has installed successfully, and I am installing Adobe apps from the cloud one at a time.


                          I still don't know what caused the problem in the first place, but I'm pretty sure it is related to some dysfunction between some Adobe products. I had perpetual versions of both CS5.5 and CS6 at the same time that I started using the cloud. I then installed Creative Cloud Connection, which as I remember it was when the issue first started. For the time being I am staying away from CCC, but will install some perpetual apps at some point to see if that issue comes back.

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                            Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                            @OliverBryant1 - Is the Adobe Application Manager still failing to install for you?

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                              OliverBryant1 Level 1

                              Hey Ken, Have ran this tool around 60+ times, others have also done the same thing and a new thread has been opened at http://forums.adobe.com/message/4969128#4969128


                              This is becoming a more common problem and it hasent been fixed, I even reinstalled the operating system and still the error shows.

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                                Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

                                @OliverBryant1 - Not being able to install the Adobe Application Manager (AAM) and a paid subscription saying it is a trial are two different issues. Photoshop after the most recent update saying it is a trial is an issue a lot of customers have run into and we are working on a fix. The workaround is to choose License This Software and sign in again, or uninstall Photoshop and reinstall it without the most recent update until there is a fix.


                                Are you not able to install AAM or are you running into Photoshop saying it is a trial? Which OS are you using?