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    White Balance Effect

    Petrula Level 1

      CS6 Production Premium Suite


      Nvidia GForce GTX 470

      Intel i7 930 @2.8GHz

      12 GB memory

      Canon XA10


      Does Premiere have a White Balance effect like Camera Raw which adjusts the white balance Kelvin?


      If not, why not since Camera Raw has one.


      Is there a third party that does?


      Thanks in advance.

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          shooternz Level 6

          If not, why not since Camera Raw has one.


          Camera Raw by definition is ammenable to that function.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            PrPro offers at least three CC Effects, and there are several 3rd party CC plug-ins, like Colorista.


            Remember that with but a very few exceptions, one is not working with RAW files in PrPro. They have already been processed.


            If you have not explored PrPro's CC Effects, I would start with Fast Color Corrector.


            Good luck,



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              wfmc staffer Level 2

              The fast color corrector has a white balance option. Do you include a neutral white item in most shots?

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                Petrula Level 1

                I use an Expo Disc to manually set the white balance for the Canon XA10. However, the lighting was suddenly changed while shooting. Unfortunately, the XA10 greys white balance changes while shooting. The speaker would have gone ballistic if I asked her to stop for a moment to change to auto white balance. So I was forced to shoot with a manual white balance setting that looked great before the lighting change but looked awful afterward. Hence, the need to make white balance adjustments in post production.

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                  Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                  Think of it less of white balance at this post stage, more of colour correction.


                  If you're saying that the colour temperature changed, does that mean you have material that is correct?


                  If so, use your that as your master and, using the RGB waveform and vectorscope along with the three way colour corrector, correct your bad material to match the scopes reading of the master.