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    Symbols Mysteriously Not Appearing on Export


      Hey guys,


      So I have this interesting little bug, not even sure if it's a bug... In my flash document, I created a movie clip symbol with a very large size and put it on my timeline, and tweened it around to get it to move so you can see the whole thing over time, right? When I play the movie on the timeline, it works fine, but for some reason when I export the movie the symbol doesn't all appear, like it's cut off.  The symbol itself is a series of imported psd images as well, so I'm not sure whether the bug is coming from the fact that the symbol is too large, or the fact that psd files aren't supposed to be handled like that.


      Is there any way I can get around this and get the symbols to show up on export?


      I am running Flash Pro CS5.5 on Windows 7.