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    Camera Profile missing in ACR 6.7 (PS CS5)


      I have looked all over the place for a solution to this problem and so far can not find one.


      I am running Windows 7 64bit, PS CS5.


      I just noticed that my Nikon D90 camera profile is missing under the Camera Callibration area in Camera Raw (it had been there before). The only thing that shows up is ACR 4.6:




      I have tried reinstalling the ACR 6.7 plug in...didn't work.


      I really don't want to try to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop.


      Oh, I have also looked on my computer in my C drive and found the list of camer profiles...the D90 is not listed (in fact, there are only 8 Nikon cameras listed in my Adobe Standard folder).


      One more thing...I had CS4 installed originally. I have since uninstalled it. I'm not sure if the issue I am having has to do with that or a recent update.


      Adobe should really have a seperate file that you can unstall just for camera profiles.


      Like I said I have searched all over and have not found anything...I am  really hoping there's someone on here that can tell me how to get my  camera profile in there.