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    Jm Feeney

      Your pricing for the basic plan is not clear.  It say's .99 for the first month, what about after the first month?

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          A comparison of the subscription plans, including cost and feature availability, can be found on the pricing page:






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            Jm Feeney Level 1

            I've been to the pricing section on your site.  It is not clear about the cost of the basic plan AFTER the first month.

            It simply says .99 for the first month, which implies some other charge after the first month.

            What is the charge for the 2nd month, 3rd month, etc?



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              Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

              Sorry, we must be looking at different content. I don't see the risk-free trial offer mentioned on the pricing page. It shows the regular monthly price of $14.99 for the Basic plan vs. $16.58 for the Plus plan:






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                Jm Feeney Level 1

                I've been there, done that.  Your website does not specify the cost of the

                Basic Plan after the first month.

                It says .99 for the first month, that implies that there is some other

                charge after that.  What is the charge after the first month?




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                  Brian Havlin Adobe Employee

                  Sorry for the confusion, Jim. I had to reset some settings in my browser to see the latest pricing page content. Below the main table in the pricing page you should see the following text:


                  "At the end of the 30 day trial period your card will automatically be charged the standard monthly subscription rate of $14.99 so that you can continue to create, distribute, and manage your online forms and surveys."




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                    What is confusing to me is this.. do we get the same quotas on the standard $14.99 rate as the Plus users are getting? or are we stuck with the 5 forms/500 responses on the basic plan?

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                      RandySwineford Adobe Employee

                      The Basic plan has the 5/500 limit. The Plus plan is cheaper and has more quota because you are signing up for a longer term. You can upgrade to Plus at anytime by going to the My Subscriptions menu item in the account menu (the head icon in the upper right corner).


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