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    Laptop for Premier Pro CS6 (and CS6 suite)


      We are wanting to either purchase the CS6 suite which includes Premier Pro CS6, or get a subscription to the Creative Cloud. Our quandary is that I need a new computer to get up to specs. Although building a desktop would probably be ideal, I would like to get a laptop that I can use for other purposes during the work day, and for editing short videos when needed (5-20 minutes in length). Can someone school us on the feasibility of using either a new macbook pro (i7, 8GB Ram, 1GB video) or a new Dell XPS 15z (Win7, i5, 8GB RAM, 1GB GT 525M video) and if anyone is successfully doing this... or if anyone tried it unsuccessfully. Can Premier Pro, specifically, run on these laptops with no problem? Do i need to use additional harddrives (oerhaps a thunderbold external)?


      Thank you!