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    Space is very close

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      word space is very close between dot (.) and the following letters “A, S, W, T, Y”.


      Example : dot[space]A



      Font : Gill Sans MT, Regular.


      We used the Kerning option as Metrics, if we change into Optical it shows some space but we used metric option for all the Paragraph styles.


      Can any one help me on this to give correct space.

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          There may be as many opinions about Metric vs. Optical kerning as there are ID users (see this thread for more info http://forums.adobe.com/thread/323629), but I think most have found that for typesetting any version of Gill Sans, you will have more success if you switch to Optical. Since the Gills Sans font is designed with smaller amounts of space between the "." and uppercase "A, S W, T, Y" you will not be able to easily alter the spacing while your font is set to Metric kerning. If you've set up paragraph and/or character styles as it sounds like you have, hopefully it won't take too long to make the switch to Optical kerning throughout the document.