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    Unable to extract FB 4.6 files


      There seems to be something wrong with the Flashbuilder 4.6 installation for Windows. I've downloaded the installation many times , and tried installing it on  Windows XP 32bit OS. It hangs every time on the same spot, when it is trying to extract the files for the installation. It says "A problem has occurred while extracting some files. It always stops after or on the "updateInventory.dll" extraction. The installation doesn't actually start, it's failing on the extraction of the files to install.


      Install File: FlashBuilder_4_6_LS10.exe 806 MB (845,374,656 bytes)


      Its not a space problem or a permissions problem.



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          Shane_Poad Level 1

          Thought I would give 4.5 a try.   Adobe's link for 4.5 doesn't work.  It looks like it is working but only downloads 1.2 mb.  What appears to be the first K of the file.


          Then I thought I would try 4.7.  That downloaded fine (huge 1G file).  When I ran the exe and it started the extraction, I waited and waited while it unpacked and it made it all the way through the unpacking.  So in the 4.7 file the extract problem has been fixed.  I still can't install it because it has some other problem with the log in screen.  But that is a topic for a different place.


          sigh...2 days of jerking around, still nothing.


          And now I find, since I haven't bought it yet, there is NO support access.  Can't report either of these situations to anybody.