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    Problem with Layers from PSD to FW



      So I'm new to Fireworks and am having a bit of an issue.


      I've been making animations in after effects, exporting that to PNG sequences, loading those into a PSD file with layers and then bringing that into FW to create GIFs.


      I've been doing this fairly easily until I got to one file. I'm sure I'm probably doing something very simple/ stupid, but I've retraced my steps over and over and can't find it. For some reason it won't play and the usual bitmap layer under the 'layer' tab isn't shown. Also if I click on an individual state it is just an alpha channel/ if i export it is all an alpha channel.



      Also this is PS6 with FW5.1  (maybe this makes a difference)


      here is the PSD file




      Thanks for any help!!