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    Shockwave on Mac OSX 1.5?

    the real POTMO Level 1
      I'm trying to install the new Shockwaveplayer on my Mac OS X 1.5 (Leopard).
      I got it working this morning in Firefox without having to use Rosetta and with a huge performance increase in 3d but now it stopped working after shutting down Firefox and starting again. Now I have to run in Rosetta once again and uninstalling and reinstalling Shockwave doesn't help.

      Have anyone experienced this?

      I have a co-worker that can run Shockwave without Rosetta in Safari (on Mac OS X 1.5 Leopard) but the strange thing is that his product version says (or was it Anyway a old version). He got a auto update yesterday and since then it works with 3d and all that stuff as well.

      If I don't remember wrong I think it said "Download Shockwave 11" yesterday when I looked but today it only says "Download Shockwave" on Adobe.

      Yesterday I downloaded Shockwave for my Win Vista machine and got the version Shouldn't it be the same version for mac?

      This sucks!
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          Doc Raman Level 1
          Although I can't really dispute what you are saying, I can say that to the best of my knowledge the current Shockwave won't run natively on MacIntels. The only way to do it is via Rosetta.

          As for the numbering, the versions don't match right now. A few recent updates have happened on the Windows side of things.

          SW11 probably won't be out until later in March.