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    IconButton via Resource String

    DBarranca Level 4


      while this way I'm able to define the icon for an IconButton:


      var f = new File("~/desktop/res/ZoomIn.png")
      var w = new Window('dialog', undefined, undefined)
      w.add('iconbutton', undefined,f)


      I've not found a way to define the icon via Resource Strings - the following is my try but alas it doesn't work:


      var f = new File("~/desktop/res/ZoomIn.png")
      var winRes = "dialog { zoomInButton: IconButton { properties: { image:f } } }" // using icon:f doesn't work either
      var w = new Window(winRes)


      Resource strings are nicer, but a bit less documented imho.

      One option is to add the property later:


      w.zoomInButton.image = f;


      But I'd like to keep everything in the res string.

      Thanks in advance