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    Best export setting for AVCHD?


      Hi, Im using CS 5,5 and have done it for a while? Just got a new VG20 and shooting at 50fps at 1080P.


      I have tried to find the best rendering format for AVCHD (mts) and have tried a few. But the quality loss is a bit to much. I have tried H.264, "match projekt setting", and H.264 blue-ray. a few years back i used vegas pro, and it could output direct to AVCHD, and the quality loss was none existing (ore i culdent se it atleast). I need to use the movie files on a pc, to play on a bigscreen.


      looking for eksport format to be:


      1080p 50 fps

      12-15 gb for an hour movie

      The lowest quality loss i can get


      System im using:

      i7 2600k 4,1Ghz

      2 x 120Gb Vertex 3 max IOPS in raid 0 (Programs and OS)

      1T WD HDD for storage

      Geforce GTX 570


      Ty in advance