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    CS6 Applications causing sluggish audio


      In Adobe Premiere Pro and including Prelude CS6, any audio that is played becomes distorted and skips all over.


      That's with just Prelude even open without anything started. No media nothing!


      This isn't usable what can I do?

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          shooternz Level 6

          You need to provide some info about your system, set up and project before  anyone has a chance of being able to advise.

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            paragonfilmworks Level 1

            System Specifications:


            OSX Version 10.8.2 (Seems to be the problem, a video driver issue some reports say.)

            3.4GHz i7

            16gb DDR3

            2TB (1TB free)


            The project was actually just created in Prelude, zero content was added. It

            seems when scrolling or if video is playing or even audio, everything crawls pretty



            Updated to my OS to 10.8.2 and it has cleared some issues however, I think it could be

            running much better. It seems to be a problem reported by multiple users of the newest

            Mac OS. Doesn't appear to be taken care of though...


            All in all I think it is a issue in regards to the OS. I've recently setup my desktop

            for editing in CS6 my other machines are still CS5.5. This computer is also

            the only to upgrade to the new OS. Was suppose to get rid of headaches!