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    Smart Connection (WoodWing) migration problem

    Erwin PPMG

      Good day to you all,


      I'm struggling with a problem and hope that someone (or more than one) can give me a hand.


      I'm working at a prepress studio where we have a number of productions in a WoodWing-workflow.

      One of our (older) clients was still working in a CS3-workflow and now has to be migrated to CS5.

      In this workflow we use a javascript (beforeSaveLayout.jsx) which performs a couple of tasks before the document is saved to the WoodWing-server.

      This script has to be changed for working with Indesign CS5.

      One issue that had to be rewritten was the filling of the footer on the masterpage with some metadata from the WoodWing-server.

      The frame (in CS3) was addressed directly by the label-name in the layout.

      var myTextFrameLinks = myDoc.masterSpreads.item(0).pages.item(0).textFrames.item("voetregel_links");

      This no longer works in CS5 js-scripting. I've changed it into the following:

      var myPage = myDoc.masterSpreads.item(0).pages.item(0);
      for(var n=0;n<myPage.allPageItems.length;n++)
          if(myPage.allPageItems[n].constructor.name == "TextFrame" && myPage.allPageItems[n].label == "voetregel_links")
              var myTextFrameLinks =   myPage.allPageItems[n];


      When I test this script "stand-alone" on a document it works well but when I use it in the WoodWing-workflow I get the following message twice:


      (Unable to save the document. It could be in use by another programme .........)


      I check-in the document, the beforeSaveLayout.jsx is totaly executed and the document is closed.

      Than the bussy-icon (the spinning pinwheel)  appears for a while, the messages appears, I press ok, the bussy-icon appears again and the same message re-appears.

      The timestamp on the server is updated but the document  has not been saved.


      Any suggestion, tips or similar experiences?


      Help would be much appreciated.



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          Hi Erwin PPMG,


          I'm Mo Mo from Aysling Digital Media Solutions, a reseller and a support provider for WoodWing software. We have extensive knowledge of the WoodWing system, and I believe we are able to assist you with your problem. I understand you are using a custom javascript script that intercepts the check-in process and executes custom procedures on top of WoodWing Enterprise's default code -- is it possible that you provide me with the script so I can test it on my system?


          I'll be available through e-mail, please feel free to contact me at momo@aysling.com. I look forward to assisting you.