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    After Effects CS6 Render Farm

    Pierre Devereux Level 2

      Hi All,


      Another Friday, Another test of new AE waters....


      I am busy reading up and trying to figure out how to use the three MAC's in the office to work together as a render farm. I have gone through the documentation and created a very simple scenario:


      1) Windows XP "server" (it has the shared disk that i use for storage - 2TB spinning disk)

      2) Created "Watch Folder" on XP Machine

      3) all three MAC's can see and access the shared folder

      4) Created a simple project - One 192MB video file (XMP) - applied keylight and matte choker

      5) I did a render on the MAC, using only itself and standard setttings to a TGA sequence, to another shared folder on the XP server - this process took 3 minutes and 7 seconds to complete

      6) I re-rendered the same project, with no changes on the mac, with the following settings:



      render settings.jpgoutput module settings.jpg


      and send them all to the watch folder (project saved there, files collected there etc.

      7) once the project starts, it takes 20 minutes.


      Is there a specific reason why the time would increase so drastically rather than decrease?


      The macs all have 1 quad core CPU - 16GB memory and they are connected to a GB switch (all connecting at 1GBps) - If i check the tas manager on the XP pc, network utilization never goes above 25%.


      Thanks guys,



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          StevRo Level 2

          Hi Pierre,


          I believe what you maybe seeing is a limitation on XP's file sharing.   For the sake of simplicity network rendering treats every core as a user.  So depending on which version of XP you are running it will either allow 5 or 10 users to connect to the computer at a given time.  If you have other sharing services enabled (such as printer sharing) any connections to these devices count against this number of users.  Given your other thread on where you discuss the rendering nodes,  if possible you may want to try using windows 7 (this allows 20 users) or one of the windows server products (max # of users is based on CAL's)




          A couple of other things came to mind if you are using watch folders.


          - If you are running anti-virus software on the server, ensure the watch folder directory and subfolders are excluded from scanning.

          - Turn off render multiple frame simultaneously' in the preferences on the render nodes.


          Hope it helps


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            Pierre Devereux Level 2



            thanks man, I appreciate the advice. Ill check this out and give feedback!