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    Form response tables




      Is it possible to add tables in your View Responses tab that are also linked to the form fields?


      Right now the All Responses table has columns that are linked to Form fields, but when you add a new table I cannot seem to find the option to add links to form fields there.


      The reason I ask is because we have a form but not all fields are relevant for everyone that views the responses of the form. I would like to create new sheets in the Responses tab with tables with information containing only the fields that are relevant for certain employees.




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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          Sorry, this isn't possible. The new tables are always independent of the fields. Only the "master" response table is associated with the fields.


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            rdolgov Adobe Employee

            As Randy said is not directly possible, but you can try one workaround to mirror some of the values from the master table to another table to see if it works for you:


            - create another table (with same number of rows, so you may need to keep adding rows manually as needed)

            - link column in the new table to the column in the response table by using formula something like "= Response Table::Field1" where Field1 is the name of the field in the master/responses table:




            This way all values would be mirrored in the new table.




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              kenprem Level 1

              Sweet thanks, that does the trick. (Although it's a bit dodgy when you want to sort columns in the new table).


              Is there an overview available of the possible '=' operators you can use is these cells?

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                JaeSenK Level 1

                Using the "=Response Table::Field 1" as mentioned above.  For fields where it was a multiple selection check box, it only returns the first entry.  Is there a way to get it to display with all selections ("choice 1; choice 2; choice 3") as it does in the Response Table?  Thanks!

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                  Marco Qualizza Adobe Employee

                  Hello JaeSenK,


                  Unfortunately, we cannot currently accomplish this very easily.  There is a way to get there, but it's fairly convoluted.  In essence, what you will need to do is:

                  1. assign values to your choices (1, 2, 3, 4, etc)
                  2. Add a column to contain a string representing the selected choices: =concatenate(Field 1)
                  3. Add a column for each choice option, where the column will contain either a blank or the text of the selected choice.  For example, the first of these columns would contain an expression like: =if(isError(find("1", <columnFromStep2>)), "",  <text for choice 1>)
                  4. Add a final column to construct the string value.  Just say that you had 4 choices, and so have added 6 new columns (1 for step 2, 4 for step 3, and one more for this step): H, I, J, K, L and M.  Column M, the column created for this step, would contain an expression like:  =concatenate(if (H1:L1, H1:L1 & ";", "")).  Unfortunately, this will give you an extra semi-colon at the end (so, instead of "answer 1;answer 2", you'll get "answer 1;answer 2;").
                  5. For bonus points, we can add a (final) final column with an expression which will strip the extra semi-colon left by step 5: = if(len(M1) > 0, left(M1, len(M1) - 1), "")


                  If you are interested in persuing this, let me know and I can give you step-by-step guidance in accomplishing it.


                  I hope this helps,


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                    JaeSenK Level 1

                    Wow, I really appreciate your help and your answer, but that it TOO complicated for what I need.  In my case I was able to switch the information displayed in the tables so that my multiple choice items stayed in the response table and the information in the second table had no multiple choice options.  It was not the organization I would have preferred, but it works without having to code in a bunch of formulas.   I wish there were an easier answer, specifically that the system would allow you to link any column in any table with a field of your choice.  This would be VERY helpful!  Basically I need information exported into TWO separate database tables although I want it collected on one, flowing, form so it is easier for the user.  So, I split the field columns into two tables which allows me to export into separate CSV files more easily.  Again, thanks for the answer, I am sure it will come in handy somewhere down the road.