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    ID 5.5 file crashing on launch


      Hello All,


      Running ID 5.5 (7.5.3) and 10.8.1. I have a file that I have been working on for a couple fo day's it's quite big at 128Mb, and today shortly after updating a couple of images it crashed. I think it could be teh images causing it, but now it just crashes each time (though not immediatly), it starts to load and then goes.


      Have updated software (OS and ID), cleared ID's recovery folder, tried opening under a new user acount, with fonts off, but to no joy. Stupidly this is the only version of ths doc, no back up (other than a pdf output to work off as last resort). Could really use some help!


      I have the crash report (if that helps?)


      Best, Allen