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    Repeat subform until the end of the page


      Hi there,


      I'm relatively new to Livecycle and scripting, and I have a question that can hopefully be answered. I have a form in which the content is set to flowed and includes expandable fields. The last printable object in my form is a repeatable subform called ChainOfCustody. It's presence is set to hidden until the user clicks Print. It then becomes visible on the prePrint event. I'd like to have ChainOfCustody repeat as many times as it takes to fill the page it's on regardless of whether it appears 1 time or 10 times. I thought I could use addInstance inside a While loop and test when it's no longer on the current page, but that didn't work. I'm running out of ideas at this point, so any help is appreciated. (Below is my form's hierarchy, if that helps.)


      Form hierarchy.jpg