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    Remove the line-ender but keep the note

    RobertKyle Level 2

      Somewhere around here I borrowed a nifty findGrep snippet that removes empty paragraphs from the beginning and end of a story. Unfortunately, it doesn't catch the paragraph that contains only a note. This, too, prints as an empty line.


      The best idea I can come up with is to test the first paragraph to see if it contains a note && then check to see if .length == 2. Then I'd delete the line-ender.


      Anyone know a better way?

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          RobertKyle Level 2

          Having failed to attract the attention of any Great Scripting Minds, I plowed ahead on my own and came up with this:



          var myParentStory = app.selection[0].parentStory;

          //check top of story for paragraphs containing only notes

          var myFirstGraf= myParentStory.paragraphs[0];

          if (myFirstGraf.notes.length>0) {

              while (myFirstGraf.length == myFirstGraf.notes.length + 1) {

                          myFirstGraf.characters.item(-1).remove(); // remove paragraph return

                          var myFirstGraf= myParentStory.paragraphs[0]; //reset variable to new first graf

                      } // end while

              } // end if


          Is it dangerous? Foolish? Verbose?

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            Marc Autret Level 5

            Hi Robert,


            Here is an alternative approach—quite experimental!—which should deal the same way with all text markers (notes, index, etc.):


            var m, t = myParentStory.texts;
            while( m=t[0].paragraphs[0].contents.match(/^(\uFEFF*)\r/) )


            Just for fun ;-)