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    can't get text to flow automatically (smart text reflow)

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      I'm having trouble getting text from a Microsoft Word document to flow automatically, and to also create pages automatically in Indesign.

      You can see in the image below that there are three pages, two of which have text in them. Following the instructions from some articles and videos that i've watched, i first linked (threaded) all three pages and then copied and pasted the text, but all that did was fill all three pages with text without creating more pages for the remaining "overset" text.


      Next, i only linked the first two pages, and pasted the text, which only filled these first two pages. I then clicked the out port of the second page and then the in port of the third page (which was still empty). I then inserted the cursor into the third page with the type tool, held shift and pasted. But instead of the rest of the Word document to be pasted, with many new indesign pages automatically created, what i got was just the begining of the Word document pasted in the third page again.


      Your help would be appreciated.



      3 page image.jpg