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    Composition changes when i anchor an image to the end of the paragraph.


      i am placing several images in a block of justified text. i am placing the images manually and then anchoring them by dragging the little black square on top over to the point where i want the anchor - generally a couple of paragraphs before the image appears.


      The thing is, when i do this, i notice composition changing in the paragraph where i am placing the anchor, and in another paragraph on the next page! i realize the anchor may be an invisible character, but the compositon is not changing on the line it is being inserted in, it is changing on other lines. No idea why this is happening - but it makes me uneasy - anyone know what might be going on and how to turn it off?


      (at present i am just planning on releasing all anchored elements once i am sure the layout is final)


      using cs5.5