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    3d space broken in CS6


      Comp with single Ai file, 20 layers.

      Select all, change them all to 3d layers.

      Select single layer, move Z position, nothing happens.


      Ok then...Precomp all layers into new comp.

      I can see the results in the new precomp but still NOT in the original layer making it impossible to see what I am doing.


      I see another person had this same problem with no solution.

      Anyone else?


      Oh, I am on a macbook pro with an ATI card, I know...they are pretty lame machines but I can't afford to get a pc right now.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Should be working fine. Are you sure you're looking at the active camera and not the front view. If I duplicate your workflow (which I just did with an anaimation that has 270 illustrator layers) on an old MacBook Pro, it worked fine.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            What is the compositon 3D renderer set to? Check that it's using the standard 3D. And of course the usual: Verify that there's no layer styles, adjustment layers or something else whacky that may break 3D rendering order.