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    Drag and drop placing problems

    CJC Williams Level 1

      Hi all,


      I've just upgraded from CS4 to CS6, and I'm loving most of the new features, but one change is really messing my workflow.


      I create a monthly magazine. As pages are created I place "ad frames" on the page (some of them are on master pages in case that makes a difference). These frames have an Object style which gives them a fill, stroke and has frame fitting options of Content Fitting = None, and align from centre.


      To place the real ad artwork in at the end of the month I used to just drag the PDFs, JPGs etc from a finder window straight in (no need to focus back into InDesign), and they would be centred in the frames perfectly.


      Now when I drag and drop, I have to click on the Indesign window to get focus, at which point I get a "Place" cursor which I then have to click onto the ad frame to load the content, then I have to click on the Centre Content icon on the toolbar to get it to position properly. Then I have to click back onto the Finder window to get Focus again and repeat the process.

      This means that a one-click drag and drop process has become a four-click process. Multiply this by the couple of hundred ads I place each month and the extra time taken is huge.



      So, I think I have two questions.

      Is there any way to turn off the "Placer gun", or multiple-file drag and drop?

      Why do the frames that have align from centre as part of their style not align the placed content to centre?


      Thanks for any help.