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    Traversing HTML and back to Flash

      I have created a movie to act as a preloader stage and then load in the main movie.

      I did this using a listener and loadClip.

      In both this movie (named index.swf) and the subsequent one (home.swf) I have used the "Flash with Named Anchors" template.

      Thus my issue is that home.swf calls several html files into the _self window (Not into the swf itself). When doing so, all of these html pages have a link to "Return to the homepage" which right now uses straight HTML to just call index.html (containing of course, index.swf).

      After placing an anchor frame in the swf of home.swf and using it in the pure html pages ("Return to..."), the index.swf is not seeing the anchor in the home.swfasfunction and my preload runs again. What I want to do is go right to the anchor (named frame) in the movie home.swf.

      the html is <a href="blah.blah.com/index.html#urlhome" > where urlhome is the name of the anchor label frame in home.swf.