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    Adding component to spark form doesn't shows up.


      I created an customized form that adding a label during construction and extends it to spark form.  If I created this form without any context it shows up ok, but if I create any formitem inside the form. the label is completely disappear. anyone know why?


      here is the example code for the customized form:





                import flash.events.Event;

                import flash.utils.describeType;



                import mx.binding.utils.BindingUtils;

                import mx.events.ValidationResultEvent;

                import mx.validators.Validator;



                import spark.components.Form;

                import spark.components.FormItem;

                import spark.components.Label;

                import spark.components.SkinnableContainer;



                public class ValidatingForm extends Form


                          protected var myValidators:Array=[];




                          public var formErrorMessage:String="invalida data";



                          public function ValidatingForm()







                          public function setFormErrorMsgVisible(visible:Boolean, msgKey:String=null):void


                                    if (visible)


                                              formErrorMessage="invalida data";









                          protected function addErrorMsgArea():void


                                    var errorText:Label=new Label();

                                    BindingUtils.bindProperty(errorText, "text", this, "formErrorMessage");

                                    errorText.setStyle("color", "red");