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    Laptop help!

    elfed up

      Hey guys!

           So instead of building the PC I had planned on, college happened and I bought a new laptop.  Needless to say I am having some trouble editing in premiere and after effects.  I'm not needing a lot of effects or anything, so I think my laptop can do it.  It is a Asus U46e and it already has the maximum of 8gb of ram.  Any ideas of what I should do to it to make it run premiere more effective? Just an SSD?


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This is not what you wanted to hear, but here it is anyway:


          Does not minimum requirements by a long way! Return it and get a refund.


          The CPU is way underpowered, the screen resolution is below minimum requirements, so you can't even see the main interface, it does not have two separate 7200 RPM disks, it is very limited in memory and has lousy Intel graphics.


          See Adobe Community: What laptop to get for CS5 or CS6...

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            elfed up Level 1

            I was looking at the requirments, and it actually meets or exeeds all of them exept the resolution and the hdd, which is why I am posting here, to upgrade.  Im thinking of replacing the drive with a 7200 and getting two externals and connect with usb 3.0. Good idea?

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              elfed up Level 1

              My plan right now is to replace the hdd with a ssd, replace optical bay with a 7200rpm hdd, and get an external 7200rpm hdd connected by Usb 3.0.  How do you think that will work?  I can use premiere fairly well as is, but just could use speeding up rendering times

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                How do you like working in the blind, when you can't see important parts of the GUI and making your selections by guessing?

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                  elfed up Level 1

                  I either use my external 22" monitor or just scroll on my laptop.  I can see the whole screen, just certain parts I have to expand to see the entire menu

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                    Jeff Bellune Level 6

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                      Jeff Bellune Level 6

                      If that's all your budget will allow, it sounds like a workable plan if you're willing to put up with the drawbacks that you have mentioned.


                      If you decide to implement that plan, please post back and let us know if it was worth the effort and expense.



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                        JFPhoton Level 3

                        ......with a laptop like that trying to run CS6 PPro.....you will need to "Contact " Jodie Foster, so you can find a "wormhole" to accelerate the dismal, suspended animation - like performance you will get with that rig.....no matter WHAT you do to it!!

                           Listen to Harm and return it IMMEDIATELY !!


                              Even with the best components, any laptop is two to three times slower than a well built desktop. In addition, the codecs generated by the "prosumer" cameras, ( i.e.  Canon T2i,T3i,T4i DSLR, AVCHD...etc.) are even harder for the PC to edit, than some pro codecs, due to the high compression on them.....thus, you need even a stronger computer setup, if you are editing material from non-pro cameras!!


                        As someone who uses a laptop and PPro to edit with, ( and I'm still using version 5.03.......version 6.02 is even more demanding on the computer), you should check out Asus i7 models,( or similar). Recently some capable laptops were on sale for much cheaper as "refurbished". Some of these had the necessary ingredients :


                        i7 CPU....4 core...not two...capable of hyperthreading, giving you "8 core performance"


                        NVidia,(only) video card....6xx series which enables "Mercury Playback" for fast previews and helping certain effects render faster during final export....the more GPU memory ,the better....minimum 1GB DDR5 memory.....better is 2GB or more.


                        Minimum 1920x1080 screen to show full GUI and better overall quality


                        Minimum 16 GB system memory.....CS6 users are reporting that 32GB is needed for fastest performance. I am not sure if by installing Windows 7 Professional on a laptop, you may install more than 16GB memory with 8GB sticks, ( "home edition" is limited to 16GB). I think you can...I read Exotic PC company is doing this.


                        Minimum two fast Hard drives!!....pick a machine with two internal HDD bays.....if using spinning drives,7200rpm is minimum requirement. First drive for OS, programs and pagefile, ( fast SATAIII SSD good here).  Second HDD for all else.


                        HDMI out to connect external monitor,or, HDTV to see full screen timeline


                        High speed external ports : minimum : USB 3, better is eSATA, best : Thunderbolt. All to connect more external drive(s).....for better performance, and portability.....work done on the external can be connected later to a desktop.


                        Remember, if you keep you current machine, the only thing that I can suggest that to accelerate its slow performance......would be to take it to  the CERN Particle Accelerator in Switzerland, and fill it full of Higgs-Bosons !!!!!


                        NP700G7C-S01US Samsung is on sale at New Egg $1,699 today......has 2 750GB internal HDDs.....you would be good to go with this right out of the box.....1920x1080 display....16 GB memory.....NVidia 675....blu ray player.....check it out


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