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    Flash CS6 split view window/focus issues.


      I'm using Flash CS6 editing multiple AS3 files and the file tab selection behavior is frustrating and I was not having these issues in Flash CS5.5.  When viewing two code windows in a split plane, clicking from one window to the next does not automatically focus/activate the code tab.


      Steps to reproduce:


      1) Open two AS3 files and arrange them into a 2 window split view.

      2) Select the code file tab on the right.

      3) Within the right code file, copy a line of code.

      4) Click the mouse within the first code file on the left and paste your code line.

      5) Note that your code pastes into the right file.

      6) Note that the left code file does not receive focus when the cursor is in the window.


      OS: Win 7