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    Path Color Fill

    Dathaeus Level 1

      Hey guys... I feel like an idiot asking this but, I am very familiar with PS, and have competant experience with AI and DW.  I need to use FW now for a certain layerd PNG project.


      I cannot for the life of me, fill and stroke this path I just edited.  There was an existing path.  I copied a layer of it, edited it, and then am trying to fill and stroke it in what I researched at the Property Inspector section at the bottom of the window.  However no matter what I do there, the closed path will not fill or stroke.  Sometimes, the path actually just disappears (but not deleted).


      What am I missing?

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          groove25 Level 4

          What version of Fireworks are you using? Can you include a screenshot of your Layers panel (or of the entire screen)?

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            Dathaeus Level 1

            FW CS6


            Ok update... for some reason this path layer is underneath another layer in the visual even though in the layers panel it is above.  I cannot move it forward even by Arrange - Move to the Front.  I have tried rearranging in the layers panel as well, no success.  And it wont let me move it out of the folder it is in to move it to the very top of the layers panel to test.


            Also, when I am coloring it, it only does green hues.  I cannot make it red or purple etc....


            I feel like FW works very differently than PS, its a little frustrating.

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              groove25 Level 4

              Keep in mind that folders in Fireworks are called "layers", and the elements inside these folders are called "objects". This is different from Photoshop, which uses "groups" and "layers" to refer to these same items. In fact, Fireworks' terminology is more like Illustrator's.


              Arrange > Bring to Front will work on objects within a layer, but not on objects contained within different layers.


              Again, a screenshot of your Layers panel, or of the entire screen, would likely be helpful here. For instance, I am wondering if any of your layers or objects are locked, if you have any sublayers, or if you're dealing with the Web Layer (which is intended only for interactive hotspots and slices, and cannot be moved).

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                Linda Nicholls Level 4

                Fireworks does work very differently than Photoshop because it is very different. It's vector based, and therefore more lke Illustrator. If the path you are attempting to fill is not closed (a complete circle or square, for example) you will not be able to fill it.

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                  Dathaeus Level 1

                  Sorry I had to go away suddenly for a couple of week...


                  It seemed like there was just some weird setting going on, still not sure what happened but didnt have time to "investigate thoroughly."  I just copied a set of layers, started deleting some, and then figured it out.  I will just have to use FW more I guess, and maybe start with it rather than PS for web design in the future... then again, we now also have Muse and also WP has an awesome add-on Dynamik with Genesis, geez... so many choices, someone needs to blog on the strengths and weaknesses of each!  Sometimes having so many tools at your disposal is a curse, but there has to be a best tool for each type of web site you build, wish there were a list that states the facts with supporting detail. 


                  Thanks guys!

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