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    Splitting files with Word import

      I am using Robohelp 7 (from tech comms suite). I'm importing a word document containing a lot of sections, each beginning with a Heading 1 style heading. I was expecting the import to split each of the sections into a separate HTML file. But it doesn't - it splits them all into separate topics (so TOC is absolutely correct), but only 2 or 3 of them are in separate HTML files in the resulting project. Is these some special formatting I need to include in the Word document to get them all to split into separate HTML files?

      (looks a bit naff to have some topics as very long files containing multiple topics).

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jim

          When you import, RoboHelp typically looks at the different heading styles that have been used. Hopefully you have many Heading 2 styles applied. During the process of importing, you are offered a choice on how to split up the content. Assuming other Heading styles have been consistently used (that's a key factor here) you should have seen a screen with check boxes allowing you to choose where the splitting occurs.

          Cheers... Rick
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            harmonyinfo Level 1
            Yes it does come up with that dialog when I do the import, and I have used Heading 1 and Heading 2 consistently. I selected the boxes for Heading 1 and 2, and it does split the file into topics OK. But only a few topics are given their own separate HTML file for some reason.

            Eg In my Word document, I have chapters 1 to 6, then appendices A to D. All are tagged Heading 1. The resultant import splits chapter 1 into its own file, then chapter 2 to Appendix C in a single file, then Appendix D in its own file. But the TOC shows all the chapters and appendices as separate topics. When click eg Chapter 3, in the TOC, it jumps to the middle of the file where the chapter 3 topic begins.

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              I have the same problem!
              The import hints that it is going to split each section into a separate topic, but it doesn't. My source file is 80 pages long in Word, which really does look silly when the scroll bar in WebHelp puts most of the text into one HTML page!

              I have used the Word styles completely consistently, so that can't be the problem.

              Have you managed to find a solution?

              I am using RoboHelp 7 and Word 2003, converting to WebHelp.

              - Anne
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                MergeThis Level 4
                First, ensure that the headings are properly assigned by viewing the doc in Outline format. (You might receive some surprises.)

                If everything seems fine, then split the Word doc into the sections you want; it shouldn't take too long to do that. After all, there's no reason why you can't import them separately. It feels so soothing when you stop smashing your head into stone walls.

                Good luck,
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                  Anne_Picus Level 1
                  Hi Leon,

                  I really appreciate your trying to help! Thank you. Unfortunately your suggestions don't apply.

                  - The outline view of the document in Word shows the level headings just as I want and expect them to be.

                  - Yes, I could break the document into little pieces, but I have about 100 potential topics to import from the one Word document. And what would happen to the existing links between topics? I thought that the whole point of the import feature from Word is that it should be relatively seamless.

                  The TOC that is generated in RoboHelp is fine, meaning that it gives me all the books and topics according to the way they are organized in Word. RoboHelp is recognizing the headings. The only problem is that most of the topics are left in one long HTML file.

                  I find it interesting that someone else (Jim) is suffering from the same phenomenon. It looks to me like there is a bug in RoboHelp.

                  Any more thoughts?

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                    MergeThis Level 4
                    You might try removing the section breaks before importing the DOC file. If that doesn't help, I'd click the Adobe support link (below the postings) and file a bug.

                    It could very well be something in RH7, because I converted a ton of Word files four years ago (RH X5.0.2) with no problems at all.

                    Good luck,
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                      Assuming other Heading styles have been consistently used (that's a key factor here) you should have seen a screen with check boxes allowing you to choose where the splitting occurs.

                      Could you explain a little more about what you mean by "consistently used"? I've got a document that appears to have all styles applied consistently. However, several of them aren't showing up in the Split on Styles dialog. In this case, I specifically need "Heading 3" to show up, although several others that are used in the document aren't showing up either. And some are even spelled incorrectly? For instance, I have a style named "Separator" which is showing up as "Separato". Is it possible something in the Word doc is corrupted?

                      The TOC is showing up properly in Word (in the TOC field, in the Outline View, and in the Document Map) so I think everything is good there.

                      So any ideas what could cause styles to NOT show up in that list?
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                        Anne_Picus Level 1
                        I tried removing the section breaks from the Word file prior to importing it but this action did not help. The topics are broken down correctly in the RoboHelp TOC, but are still all lumped together into one large HTML file.

                        In what I think is a separate issue, I am experiencing the same problem as rmeyer233 in that the Heading 3 style is not showing up in the Split on Styles dialog. Despite that, the Heading 3 items are coming up OK as separate items in the generated RoboHelp TOC, so it's not worrying me much for this particular project, but it does look like another bug.

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                          rmeyer233 Level 1
                          I found slightly more information on my issue. My particular document has 6 Heading 1s, 3 Heading 2s, and 12 Heading 3s. However, in the Split on Styles dialog box, when I select Heading 2 in the list, then look in the Description field, it shows x-usage-count as "15", and Heading 3 still does not show up. It appears that maybe RoboHelp is getting confused and merging together the Heading 2 and Heading 3 paragraphs?

                          Again, I'm positive that the Heading styles are set properly in the Word doc, as they show up correctly in the TOC and Outline View, and the TOC is generated properly in RoboHelp. Only the "Split on Styles" functionality is having the problem.

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                            Anne_Picus Level 1
                            rmeyer and Jim,

                            Did you get anywhere with resolving this issue? I opened a support call two weeks ago with Adobe but they have been rather recalcitrant.

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                              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                              It should not take two weeks for Adobe to respond. Have you had no guidance in that time?

                              Can you send me that document? Also please let me have the support call reference when you email me. Contact me via my site.

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                                Hey I know this topic seem to have died a few month ago, but I have had the same problem and it seems many others have as well. I seemed to have found a solution, at least for my situation.

                                THE PROBLEM: The problem seems to be unique with RH7 since i did not have this issue in RH5, but the root seems to be with the way word handles styles. For things like paragraph styles you can click on on a paragraph(not highlight) and apply the style. This works in word but this causes problems with Robo Help. so if you apply a paragraph style w/o highlighting then apply a character empahsis style on a word...you would notice in RH5 that the paragraph would be highlighted from that word on. Somehow in RH7 this issue now also causes problems with creating topics and not just with in topic formatting.

                                THE SOLUTION: This solution is time consuming, but you will have to go back and reapply your styles to your document. The best way to do this is to select a group of text you will format such as a body paragraph or a heading and CLEAR FORMATING. Sometimes you will not be able to clear format...if this happens you probably do not have the entire paragraph highlighted (this is a likely culprit of the problem). When re-applying the styles make sure to apply styles in the following order to prevent issues.
                                1. Apply Body or Paragraph styles.
                                2. Apply numbering or bulletings styles.
                                3. Apply character Emphasis Styles.
                                Remember you must clear the formatting before you re-apply or the issue will not resolve.Since this can be time consuming I suggest trying this on a few heading first starting from the top of the document just to make sure this works for you.