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    InDesign Interactive Form Editing

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      It appears that the Set Tab Order option for changing the order of form fields might be a little buggy.


      I have a 9 page custom form that I created in InDesign. I've had to rearrange things a little as I've worked on this. I've noticed that when I go to rearrage some of the form elements, such as text fields, I can move them around in the Set Tab Order under Object (with all form elements selected) but some of the form elements continue to stubbornly jump to the wrong order when I test it as an exported Interactive PDF.


      There are some other minor issues that might need reporting as well, but for now this one seems more important. Just wondered if it has already been reported, and if so hopefully will be fixed in the next update.



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          Okay! Is it Murphy's Law? Once you post on the forums, you come up with the solution?


          I had deleted my preferences this morning to fix another issue with PDF crashing. So I thought the Preference File would still be in good shape.


          However, I decided to quit ID and launch again to reset all Preferences. Sure enough, the Tab Order seems to have fixed itself now. So I solved my own problem for now. Do I get to give myself points?

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            Hi Linda, this is Russ, AKA Dirk Williams. How are you? I didn't know how to just say hi to you so maybe you'll get this. After living in Tucson for 7 years I moved back to Clearwater, Florida. I did a lot of video work while in Tucson. Looking around for freelance work here doing anything from phtography, graphic design, video, and video editing. Hope all is well.

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              Hi Russ! Great to hear from you. Keeping busy between business and travel.