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    Welcome to our new forums!

    sarhunt Adobe Employee

      Hey all,


      We are very excited to announce the release of Edge Animate 1.0 and welcome to the community. During our Preview period we hosted our community discussions on http://forums.adobe.com/community/labs/edge/, which is now archived and read-only. We encourage you to continue your Edge Animate discussions, feedback, requests and bug reports here on our new forum.


      To our new users, we hope you find this forum useful with feedback provided from both the core Animate team and valued community members. To our existing users, thank you for your invaluable contribution to Animate and for helping us shape the product you know today. We couldn't have done it without you.


      Happy posting!


      Sarah Hunt

      Product Manager, Adobe Edge Animate

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          We're definitely excited to announce Edge Animate 1.0, and we're hoping that the community we've begun in the Labs Forums will continue to actively participate here.  We're still planning to iterate and release new features on a regular basis, so please do continue to suggest features and provide feedback for us.  We're still listening!



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            I just can't believe you did this! I was hopping for this kind of softwares a long time ago... THANKS! Web Design Rulz!

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              Comfunex Level 2

              Yay!!! Sarah and Elaine it's been an honor participating in the labs forum. Hopefully this one will be as productive as the last.


              Question to the future: is the canvas feature is going to be implemented into Edge Animate in the future?

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                heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                Sarah and Elaine, it's been a blast in the labs forum. Thank YOU and the the other Edge team/supporters who also assisted. It's great to see activity directly from the source - looking forward to v1ness.


                Lets get this party rolling



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                  tfbkny Level 1

                  Animate Free is great news indeed A big thank to Adobe.


                  And even bigger thanks to those who made it all possible... huge kudos and thanks to all the ladies in the Adobe House (like Sarah and Elaine ^_^) and gents (Mark'n'Co!) who have been providing support 24/7 along with the whole Adobe Edge Team Wizards working their magic behind the scenes . Also thanks to the community members for being so helpful sharing their knowledge helping us dig each other out when one of us got stuck in a rut or found a major bump on the road.


                  I enjoyed being a little part of this evolution from preview 3 onwards as see how Edge now "Edge Animate" had grown into a more mature product. In a short time much has been accomplished and that's for sure an achievement to be proud of at all levels from the Adobe team all the way to those who blasted with requests and have been nagging Mark with unsolicited e-mail suggestions and feedback... yep, that'd be me and no I ain't done yet Mark since you haven't replied asking me to stop ! LOL


                  Either my emails have been auto-routed to trash, or you are listening in silence (judging to what happen between Preview 4~5 and 7). Those who may know what I sent over may be grinning proudly with a "we made it all the way down the laundry list... mostly" And I'd say yes you did... congrats for doing such a great job guys (and girls of course!)


                  Now I wouldn't want to quote "The Wolf" and repeat here what he said after Julius and Vince were done cleaning up the mess in the car at Jimmy's LOL ! So a mention should suffice for those who remember that scene and getting my drift, realize that despite this awesome achievement, there's still a lot to be done


                  It's an Edge, not a Peak... the Edge does not remain steadily in the same place and once conquered can be conquered all over again in the same way. An Edge is has a life of its own and is indeed "animated" as it keeps moving in various directions. So the the Wiz Team at Adobe have their job cut for themselves with all that will come in the future where the evolution will intevitably move towards making evem simpler and more intuitive the UI adding more interactive and powerful features to Edge Animate, while  continuing to empower creatives across the globe by making the process from conceptualization to realization increasingly smoother, easier and painless via the intuitive Edge Animate workspace UI.


                  So once again thanks, kudos and much love to the entire community... and here is a toast to you all with the hope that we'll continue the journey in the same fun and fruitful direction that has led us here today.




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                    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Sarah and Elaine,

                    It was great participating in the lab forum and I will be active here too.

                    And of course, thank you so much for your help. It has been a great time learning Edge and the new features you added on a regular basis.

                    I am an Edge addict, I thought you would want to know !

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                      elainecc Adobe Employee

                      Awesome!    Great to have you on board here!



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                        sarhunt Adobe Employee

                        Thanks so much for the kind words everyone!! It's been awesome working with you guys <3


                        There was a question about canvas on here, and it's something we're looking into. We're fortunate that browsers have been investing in this standard and going forward we can see what we can do to leverage canvas for animation.




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                          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Hey Sarah,

                          Great news about canvas! I used it in code with Nils' help. It worked fine but integration would be awesome!!!

                          As soon as I have version installed (it is failing at this time), I will continue working with Edge and I am looking forward to see what comes next.

                          Thanks again for your expertise, kindness, etc...