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    How to record OS UI actions

      I want to record a tutorial about how to configure a web server in Windows Vista, but when I click on the Start button, the operating system intercepts all calls from the keyboard, like PrtScr or F11, and so I can't seem to be able to capture the steps. Does anybody know how to do it with Captivate 3? Thanks.
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          ArtieEffam Level 1
          Have you tried changing the recording key commands to "regular" keys- just letters or numbers? :^)

          Good luck!

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            cesar_monroy Level 1
            Thanks Artie.

            Letters and numbers are prefixed by Alt key or Ctrl key, both of which are intercepted by the OS.

            I've done before this kind of captures with version 1 or 2 of Captivate, but wanted to see if I could spare going back to previous versions :(
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              ArtieEffam Level 1
              Doh! I kind of figured that you would have tried that already, but you never know. OK... I have one other suggestion– not such a no-brainer, but maybe more convoluted than you want: VNC.

              If you were running your app on another machine, it wouldn't be able to intercept your keystrokes locally. I'm recording Mac stuff, so I have no choice but to use VNC, but it's actually been kind of nice.

              If I'm just setting up a series of shots, I do it on the Mac, and reach over and hit Printscreen on the PC as needed. That way, only the clicks and keystrokes I actually want are captured. (And if I mis-click, I don't have to listen to Captivate taking pictures of me while I fix my mistake.) If I do want Captivate to detect my actions, I work through the VNC viewer.

              Have a great weekend!