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    User Interface Guidelines

    Rothrock Level 5
      So I'm working on some stuff that will load various external assets. They vary in size and the network speed of users with vary by a great deal. I don't always want to be popping up a loading bar and having it just wink out for those with fast connections. But I don't want folks on slow connections to think that the system is frozen.

      So the question becomes how fast do we generally decide if a page is responding or not? Is it 500 milliseconds or is it 2 seconds? Something in-between or longer?

      So if anybody has any advice that would be great.

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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          Well, I think this depends on the browsing experience of the end user :) I, and you, would know that if you click something in a flash site, and no loading bar comes up, that it is just poorly designed, and to give it a few seconds before navigating away. Someone less experienced, will probably expects results or an indication immediately. I would, after your initial content loads, just start loading everything else in the background, and placing it off stage. That could possible negate the need for a loading bar throughout your, as you so simply put it, 'stuff' :) After I build something for my company, I usually trot down the office to the less computer literate, have them pull up this new 'something' and watch them interact with it. I do notice that when they click a button, and nothing happens on screen that instant, they start clicking it again and again like a caveman working a cell phone. Thats my 2 nickels worth.