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    Sony ereader recognition with ADE


      I have had a Sony PRS350 for about 2 years and ADE for longer and have had no major problems (am I just lucky!) but suddenly ADE does not recognise the ereader when connected.  I should say this has happened only since I installed the new Sony Reader for PC library but I cannot see why that should affect the operation of the reader with ADE.  Can anyone suggest what might have gone wrong, please. Any help would be much appreciated.

      mr muffie

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Your SONY ereader commuincates with the SONY Reader software when it's

          plugged in, checking registration information, etc.  I suspect that the new

          version of the software has messed you up.  You can try resetting the

          ereader and see whether that helps.


          I'm not happy to hear about your problem, because I have the same ereader,

          and now am wondering whether I want to update the Reader software or not....



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            mrmuffie Level 1

            The ereader communicates with the old Reader Library ok, but the new Reader for PC software does not now recognise it in the last week or so since I have bought further books from Kobo Although it did work ok with the first few books I bought from Kobo.  I have tried numerous times resetting the Reader and uninstalling and reinstalling the new software but nothing gets it to recognise the Reader.


            I have actually overcome the immediate problem of transferring the new books to the Reader by uninstalling the new software, then downloading the ebooks again from the Kobo library when they went straight into ADE (they did not go into the old Reader  Library). Since ADE still does not recognise the Reader I then imported the ebooks to the old Reader Library from ADE via My Digital Editions in my Documents Library.  I was then able to transfer to the Reader.


            I think you are probably right it is the new Sony Reader for PC software that is causing the problem but I don't know how to rectify it.  


            You mention thinking about not updating the Reader Library software but in fact i did not choose to do this.  When I bought books and downloaded from Kobo, the new Reader for PC Library automatically installed and put them in there.


            I have heard of others having trouble with the new software so do not have much confidence in it now.  I was wondering about using Calibre but don't know much about it and whether that would be compatible either.  May have to just keep using ADE and transferring new purchases back to the old Reader Library though that is irritating.


            Thanks for your thoughts.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Nice improvisation!  As they say in the UK:  "Good show, old man!"  Several

              folks have posted similar multi-step solutions.


              As a comment: I think SONY is trying to tie their ereaders more tightly to

              their reader stores.  The PRS-T1 may or may not work with ADE, and the next

              generation doesn't seem compatible at all.  Reports of their 'next gen'

              Reader Store software causing problems with ADE just reinforce this in my