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    Problem saving a file to a network location


      I am having a weird problem using the saveAs command in Photoshop CS6 to save a file to a network location. The code I am using is below.


      If the save file is on a local drive, everything proceeds correctly. However, "Design" is a mounted drive, and when this code is run, the following error is produced:


      Error: General Photoshop error occurred. This functionality may not be available in this version of Photoshop.

      - Could not save as “test.tga” because of a program error.


      However, a file is created on the network drive, but is 0 bytes, so it seems like the error comes from Photoshop writing to the file, not in the creation of it.


      Does anyone have an idea what me be going on?





      var svFileName = ("/Volumes/Design/test.tga");

      var svFile = new File( svFileName);


      var tgaSaveOptions = new TargaSaveOptions();

      tgaSaveOptions.resolution = TargaBitsPerPixels.THIRTYTWO;

      tgaSaveOptions.rleCompression = false;




         activeDocument.saveAs(svFile, tgaSaveOptions, false, Extension.LOWERCASE);