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    Export Single Response to Excel?


      I'd like to export a single response to excel, as it reads in the detail view.

      Is this possible?


      The PDF's are beautiful, but they don't allow for text edits - at least I don't know how to make this possible.


      What I need is to be able to add and edit text to a single response in either Word or Excel, or a fillable PDF.

      Is this possible?


      Thank you.

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          rdolgov Adobe Employee



          We don't support exporting a single response from the detail view into excel format.


          But you can export all responses directly from the response table into excel format (using File->Export Responses... menu). After that you should be able to work with any of the responses to edit text. (and if you prefer detail like view in excel, you can use paste/transpose in excel to flip columns/rows positions).