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    Major Compiling Errors in CS6


      I am encountering Compiling Errors (error unknown)  evertime I try to export media.  I have footage from a Cannon XF100 (.xmf H.624) and I am using the correct settings (29.7 1920x1080, etc).  I have read that others are experiencing these compiling errors.  What can I do, or what is being done, to fix this issue?  I have an earlier version of Premiere at work and I never run into these issues.  However, my daughter and I are trying to create videos at home and this errors occurs 90% of everytime we try and export.


      I have a brand new computer with more than adequate video, RAM, etc . . . it was sepcifically designed for video editing.  Windows 7, etc. . . . brand new and powerful.  Similar (if not better) than what I have at work and that machine has no problems, but it is also running a prior version of Premier.


      I set each file up as suggested with . . . For editing Canon XF MPEG2 50 Mb/s formats  - 16:9 progressive-scan  -  1080p HD video at 29.97 frames per second.  48kHz audio.  Drop-Frame Timecode numbering.


      I export using the setting H.264  -  HD 1080p 29.97.


      Any suggestions?  Help is greatly appreciated.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I recently was unable to export, turned out is was a black video and an effect.

          Look at the time/clip in AME when it crashes.

          Then go to Premiere and see if you can spot something unusually at that time or clip.

          Or read this link: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/906/cpsid_90670.html

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Along with Ann's comments, and the link to the Adobe KB Article, on Error Compiling Movie, some other things to check for:


            • Gaps in the Video - if you have any, that are not covered by some sort of "overlay," whether a Title, PiP, etc., and you DO want the black that appears, just create Black Video (New Icon on the Project Panel) and Trim it to fit that gap. If you do NOT want the gap, just delete, or close it up.
            • Check for odd Assets, where the program is stopping/hanging. MP3's, and some MOV's, can be problematic.
            • Check for overly-large Still Images - though PrPro CS 5, and above, can handle them better, many of them DO draw on resources, while they are being processed.


            Good luck,



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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              There are some issues with Canon MXF files new to CS6.


              Have you updated to 6.0.2?

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                I went through a compiling errors period recently as well.  everything was working beautifully until i installed a quadro 4000 for mac video card and upgraded to 10.8 and 6.0.2.  the problem was, my nvidia driver wasn't mountain lion friendly.  i updated the driver and things got back to normal.  i see you're not on a mac, and you may not have an nvidia card,  but if i were you, i'd check my drivers to see if they're up to date.  good luck, man,  i've still got ptsd from getting so many compiling movie errors

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                  I am having the same issues... I have a Canon XF100 and have just upgraded to a brand new imac (as powerful as you can get) and CS6 and am getting CONSTANT issues, unable to render, unable to export. Always saying "Error Compiling Movie - Unknown Error".  I NEVER had these problems with CS5.5 on my MacBook Pro.  Sometimes its fixed by removing a fade to black or sometimes I have to reboot.  I have even started a new project and copied the footage across to a new project and exported and its worked fine... but each time there is a new issue and going through the troubleshooting is very time consuming.  I am enjoying the new features of CS6 but I am not sure it's worth these headaches. 

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                    Stephen_Spider Level 3

                    Grandchamp2012 wrote:


                    I am encountering Compiling Errors (error unknown)  evertime I try to export media.  I have footage from a Cannon XF100 (.xmf H.624) and........

                    What is .xmf H.624 ?  I am using XF100 footage successfully since the 6.02 update.

                    Win7 64pro

                    Core i7-2600

                    16gb ram

                    GTX560 2gb


                    We have really put the machine through paces over the last month and it has been a champ.... finally.


                    Try posting your system specs. And do you have any .MXFs with visual or audio glitches?