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    Track matte, title and crash

    Trevor Hughes

      Hi. Working away and all is good then I want to add a mask, use title and filter track matte  move it and down we go. not once 90% of the time.

      all upto date with drives ect mercury play back, this has been going on for some time I don't want to go on not being able to what it should do such a time waster so I have to see what I can do in after effects. But is there a reasson or is this a seriours error /BUG.


      Have read some well writen discussion and it seams that its been going on for some time.


      So I got told off last time for not encluding info

      Mac pro 4,1

      12gb ram

      4000 for mac card




      any advice to what I should do would be great or not do.

      Many thanks for replys