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    FLVPlayback SeekBar and volumeBar conflict

      I am using the FLVPlayback component with the seperate play button, back button, seekbar, volume bar (instead of using a skin). The seekbar and volume bars worked perfectly individually, however used together they seem to conflict - when I click on the volume bar handle the seek bar handle flashes and the volume cannot be controlled. I have also had it the opposite way round too. I cannot work out how to fix this.

      I have read a few reports that this is a bug with Flash 8, and that the Flash 8 FLVPlayback Component Update 1.0.1 fixes this with replacement files. I have also read that this bug has not been resolved with CS3. However I started my project on Flash 8 and then moved on to CS3 so cannot use the update (the files to replace are all different).

      I would appreciate any help on this.